Thursday, 12 August 2010


I'm loooking at these for my Identity project

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

FAGS: Volume 1 sneak peek

So the end is nigh and I can see light at the tunnel. My first edition of FAGS has been written and (nearly) drawn and coloured in. Its due for publication in November so keep an eye out for it in a London/NYC sex shop or bookstore near you!

I've uploaded the logo and one of the first pages of the book which shows Normandolf (the protagonist, a Transylvaian butcher) cottaging local toilets with his Grindr (meat grinder rather) around the LES. The first volume as I have already said is called,
FAGS: Normandolf and the Mermish Martinian Malady.
It narrates in rhyme the travels of our faggoty hero as he flushes himself down a public toilet to find himself in the middle of a war between pleasure seeking Mermen and pillaging Bulltaurs. There's a squid with 8 dicks thrown in there aswell for uncut measure!!


Y'see down in the depths of dark New York City,
Among the back streets and holes tight and gritty,
There was a Top/Bott/Vers fellow,
With fingers stained yellow,
And neck blotched and suckered with hickeys.

By day you would find him out workin,
On grinders of meat and beef jerkin,
Mincin his meat,
All over 5th St,
By night he's in toilets and lurkin.

See look on the wreath top, the palace bathed in light,
Wherin its gates sits The Martinariah out of sight,
The only original Martini since the gutter,
He is the Oldest. Our Leader. The Royal!!
The fair Martinariah muscles dripping in oil.

I'm gobsmacked! Buttockpunched!
Speechless it seems,
Never before on my travels or in my wettest of dreams,
Imagined a place where men could be fish,
With tits of an Adonis served as a sex dish!

WWW.JAMESEDAVISON.CO.UK under construction.
Work that pays the credit card has taken priority the past couple of months so my own work has taken a backseat but I'm back on it now kids!!

I've been given a brief titled "Identity" which is open to interpretation. Upon completion I must produce 10 tee designs.

My work focuses on the human form, primarily the face and I wanted to continue with this theme but explore it in a fresh way. I got looking at masks and how they reinvent the most recognisable and intimate part of a persons body.

Above are some masks that I find inspiring.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


March is too long to not have posted anything! Work has been hectic but no excuse...
Berlin in 10 days! Watch this space!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Malady Contd

So, havent posted anything for a while for reasons that include an obsession with Grindr. I apologize, the bloody app is a death trap. I don't appreciate it.
This project is growing into something much bigger than what was initially planned. At first I was hoping to make a very short biography about Normandolf and now I find myself designing tiaras in my lunch break for a half fish with a meth addiction.

I've posted 3 pictures of "malady" which shows Normandolf on his toilet with Zippy (he doesnt feature much but he will in future books) The first image is a plannning skecth I did a while back with the second 2 being worked line drawings.

Hope you like, feedback appreciated.

Smooch. JED!!